CLRNN Methodology Workshop 2020


Call for Participation in Early Career Researchers’ Methodology Training

CLRNN will hold its 2020 methodology workshop, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council in Abuja, Nigeria. The July 2020 workshop invites the participation of researchers interested in the development of research methodologies and methods suited to the realities of the Nigerian context. In line with its objectives, CLRNN especially encourages the participation of early career researchers, which includes doctoral candidates, as well as those within either the first 7 years of completing their PhDs or 7 years of their first academic posts.

Interested researchers should apply, outlining the methodologies and methods applied or to be applied to a research project, and explaining how these methodologies and methods support the considered resolution of their research questions.

Applications, which must not exceed one-side of an A4 paper, should be sent to no later than 30th April 2020. Selected participants will be informed of the decision by 31st May 2020.  Further details about the workshop will be provided in due course.  

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